2010 Hummer H2 213 Ultimate Six


Now, 213 Motoring (Japanese tuner Calwing’s US division) has got just what you need to get to the prom in style: a supremely decked-out 6-wheeled H2. The metropolitan tank gets a huge dose of Extenze to fit that extra axle (and super-size the interior), a body kit, a new exhaust system and a dozen extra lights on its nose.2010-Hummer-H2-213-Ultimate-Six-Front-Side-View

In interior is just what people have come to expect from limousines: leather, plush carpeting, big TV screens, and liquor. Just what you need to get the party started. Let’s see Hummer H2 213 Ultimate Six Photo Car below:



  1. Warren K Steffen

    213 FOR SALE?

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